about us

Level 5 Interactive is an AR/VR/XR company specializing in content creation and implementation turning the gimmick of Augmented Reality into a useful tool. We have the ability to model any item into a full realistic hologram including making full human hologram performances. With a set of streamlined code as our IP we have built a foundation for fast response to clients’ needs and little coding time to make your content rollout fast and efficient

What we can do

We light the fuse on what AR/VR/XR can do for you as a useful tool. We write the code to accomplish our goals while in house graphic designers can scan and model life and replicate it for an experience unlike any out there. The company has few limitations when it comes to bringing an idea to life. Our team solves problems fast and writes code faster

web development to work with existing apps

SEO built into web development for relese of app

library of code (our IP) or AR build out options


Human 3D modeling

3D modeling of any item

Set & Environment 3D modeling

application coding to apply assets in AR/VR/XR

audio content creation

video content creation

3d sound recording

in house studio

licensing of code or custom built to own code

ar scavenger hunts to create door swings with GPS

vr gaming or gamifying your business

full stack development

stuff were working on

shelterbox AR

the dab roast